President & Board of Directors

The Akron Bar Association’s Board of Directors determines the policies of the Akron Bar and manages our affairs in accordance with the Code of Regulations.  For a full description, please view their job description and expectations.

2019 - 2020 Term

Executive Officers​

Hamilton DeSaussure, Jr.

Lisa O. Miller

Michael P. Karst
Vice-President of Membership

Farhad Sethna


Christopher J. Niekamp

Karen D. Adinolfi
Immediate Past President




Board of Directors

The Hon. Alison McCarty

Hanne-Lore Gambrell

Douglas N. Godshall

Jeff R. Laybourne


Lavell O. Payne Brown

Jennifer J. Van Dulmen-Krantz

Andrea Whitaker

James P. Wilkins

Richard L. Williger​​      





Ex-Officio Directors

Darrin R. Toney
Akron/Canton Barristers

Stephen A. Fallis
Akron Bar Association
Past President

Stephen M. Gross
New Lawyers
Section Chair

Lawrence J. Scanlon​
Ohio State Bar


Christopher J. Peters
University of Akron
School of Law Dean

Lauren M. Zidones
University of Akron
Student Bar Association