About Us

Welcome to the Akron Bar Association and Akron Bar Foundation


The Akron Bar Association (Akron Bar) originated February 20, 1875 when approximately 50 attorneys drafted the first organizational constitution.  William H. Upson served as President, Sidney Edgerton as First Vice President, M. C. Reed as Second Vice President and N. D. Tibbals as Third Vice Presidents, George N. Wright as Secretary, and John J. Hall as Treasurer. The Akron Bar sought, “…to maintain the honor and dignity of the Profession of the Law, to cultivate social intercourse and acquaintance among the members of the Bar, and to increase their usefulness in aiding the administration of justice, and in promoting legal reform” (Akron Bar Association Minutes, 1875).  The Association has served as the primary guardian of the Summit County legal system and illustrates a magnanimous history of advocacy, education, and community service.

Mission Statement

The Akron Bar Association, through education, advocacy and community service, empowers its members to reflect the highest professional standards, enabling them to earn the community’s utmost respect so our legal system will be recognized as fair, accessible and just.

Vision Statement

The Akron Bar Association will be recognized as the voice of the legal community to promote the highest respect for the law and justice system, thereby creating a thriving democracy.

Historical Building

Fire Station #1, built in 1915, is a magnificent historical building centrally located in the heart of Akron between the Summit County Courthouses and the University of Akron School of Law.  The Akron Bar Association & Foundation spent almost two years renovating the building. During the renovation the Akron Bar incorporated state-of-the-art technology while preserving certain historical aspects of the original architecture. On December 3, 2007, the Akron Bar moved into its new permanent home and is proud to be a contributing member to the revitalization of downtown Akron.


The Akron Bar Association & Foundation continues to honor our legacy by engaging our future.