A final reflection from the outgoing president
May, 2016

Lawrence Scanlon

It has been my honor to serve this past year as the President of the Akron Bar Association. We have a wonderful organization, and I believe that we are headed in the right direction with respect to increasing our membership ranks, encouraging member engagement, and expanding the support of all the things we do not only in our practice but also in our community.

Not only is this my last letter to you as president, but this will also be the last monthly issue of the Examiner in magazine format. Going forward, articles and features that would have typically appeared in the magazine will be presented as a blog post under “News and Events” on our website. Twice a year, we will print and mail a special-edition Examiner as well.

As I write, we are in the process of the finalization of the Task Force agenda that has been adopted by the Board of Trustees. There will be many changes to the organization and how we provide services to our members. As many of these changes are implemented and adopted, we will post member information on the Akron Bar website. Watch for updates.

In addition, we will be poised to take our place throughout the U.S. as a leading voice for our members as well as to provide access to justice to the community.

Our Lawyer Referral and Information Services will be revamped over the next year or so under President-Elect Meg Andreeff-Matejkovic’s leadership to include collaboration with the other providers of legal services. It was originally intended that the underserved public would realize greater access to legal assistance through lawyer advertising, but this has not been the case. By collaborating with other providers, we will better serve those of moderate and low income by connecting them with attorneys who will assist them on a contingency or fee basis. We will create additional collaborations to serve those who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

The Supreme Court of Ohio under Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has instituted this program, and I am proud to say our Bar Association is out in front on this issue.

We have also created a Futures Commission which will be headed by the reinstituted and revitalized position of Secretary of the Akron Bar Association. This Commission will oversee the implementation of the changes in our organization structural and operation as well as to review the Access to Justice (pro bono) initiatives to name just a few.

Participation in the Bar Association and activities both locally and at the national level has reinforced my belief that it is truly a privilege to be a lawyer in the United States of America. These are challenging times that we live in, as the issues of equality and freedom are always at risk.


Larry Scanlon

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