Lawyer Referral & Information Service


Thank you for visiting the Lawyer Referral & Information Service portion of our website!   Here you will find some general information on joining our service as well as links to a membership application and other helpful tools.

Why Join LRIS?

The Lawyer Referral Service of the Akron Bar Association offers referrals in Summit and surrounding counties. The LRIS is American Bar Association approved, exceeds the standards for the Ohio Supreme Court, and is LRSconnect accredited. Membership in our service is an opportunity for you to enhance your client base, bolster your profitability, and support the Akron Bar Association, while also serving the public.

How Does it Work?

The referral service begins by collecting the client’s name, address and phone number as well as a brief description of the legal situation, in addition to a $30 fee (waived for Tort/Negligence, Social Security, Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, Malpractice & Wrongful Death situations). After making the referral, the client is eligible to receive a ½ hour consultation with the referred panel attorney, either in person or over the phone. If the attorney is retained, the initial $200.00 in attorney fees received is kept by the attorney.  The Akron Bar Association receives 15% of any fees received after the initial $200.00.

How Do I Qualify to be listed on the Referral Panel?

  1. A lawyer must be actively engaged in the practice of law and be in good standing with the Akron Bar Association and the Ohio Supreme Court.
  2. A lawyer makes the written application to LRIS by furnishing the information called for on the application, including the insurance company, the policy number, and expiration date of his/her malpractice insurance. The applicant shall show proof of this insurance by providing the LRIS with a copy of his/her malpractice insurance cover sheet and/or page(s) showing areas of law covered. Coverage must remain in effect throughout the duration of work performed upon a referral matter. An annual fee for the attorney must accompany the application.
  3. Each lawyer must meet the experience criteria requirements as listed on the application.  Attorneys not meeting the criteria must use a mentor, who is also a member of the LRIS.

What are the Costs to Join?

1-3 Panels = $100 annually
4 Panels = $125 annually
5 Panels = $150 annually

1-3 Panels = $200 annually
4 Panels = $225 annually
5 Panels = $250 annually

Upon submission of your payment, you will be contacted by the Lawyer Referral Service to complete additional information. Have questions?  Contact us!

Panel Options:


Administrative, Education & Government Law

Immigration Law

Business & Commercial

Insurance Law

Civil Rights

Intellectual Property

Consumer & Bankruptcy

Juvenile Support, Custody & Visitation

Criminal & Traffic Law

Labor Law

Disability Benefits


Domestic Relations

Real Estate & Foreclosure

Elder Law, Probate & Estate Planning

Small Business & Non-Profits

Entertainment Law

Personal Injury, Negligence & Torts
 Environmental Law


Financial Law

Wrongful Death

FY 2016-2017 Lawyer Referral
Over 1400 Referrals
$300,000 in fees for members
$45,000 in income for the Akron Bar

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