Senior Lawyers Committee

The Senior Lawyers Committee consists of members of the Akron Bar Association who are either 60+ years of age or in practice 30+ years.  Annually, the Committee is responsible for planning and hosting a Fall Outing in October, a Spring Dinner in May, and creating CLE programming tailored to their membership.

Committee Leadership:
  • Steve Fallis


    (330) 923-2774

  • Jackie Silas-Butler

    Vice Chair

    (330) 761-3056

Senior Lawyer of the Year Award:

The Award recognizes a practitioner of the law based upon the following criteria:

  • A nominee should be any Akron Bar Association member who is either 60+ years of age or in practice 30+ years.
  • Years of service to the Association’s committees or sections.
  • Work accomplished by the nominee for the Summit County legal community or wider community
  • Work carried out by the nominee in civic, charitable, or philanthropic activities.
  • Activities carried out by the nominee in support of their legal alma mater.

Nomination Form:

To nominate a candidate, please complete the nomination form.

Past Recipients:
1995-1996:  Jerome L. Holub
1996-1997:  Paul E. Weimer
1997-1998:  Fred E. Eastman
1998-1999:  Charles E. Pierson
1999-2000:  Jerry F. Whitmer
2000-2001:  A.E. Shama
2001-2002:  Robert W. Blakemore
2002-2003:  Stan B. Schneiderman
2003-2004:  G. Bernard Harris
2004-2005:  Edwin “Ned” Oldham
2005-2006:  Frank H. Harvey, Jr.
2006-2007:  Dianne R. Newman
2007-2008:  George T. Manos
2008-2009:  Michael B. Hendler
2009-2010:  Tom Henretta
2010-2011:  Stephen A. Fallis
2011-2012:  Barbara A. Venesy
2012-2013:  George M. Miller
2013-2014:  Bruce H. Wilson
2014-2015:  James E. Davis
2015-2016:  Terry Zimmerman

Staff Liaison:

Thomas Christos Petropoulos
Membership Director, Akron Bar Association
(330) 436-0106

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