Sir Thomas More Award

Past recipients of the Sir Thomas More Award

The Sir Thomas More Award is presented each year at the Red Mass by the Cleveland Catholic Diocese in recognition of a member of the legal community who demonstrates outstanding personal integrity, community service, and professional excellence.

  1. Judge Arthur W. Doyle
  2. Judge William H. Victor
  3. Judge Joseph D. Roulhac
  4. Lisle M. Buckingham
  5. Judge Paul C. Weick
  6. Bernard J. Amer and Judge Oscar A. Hunsicker
  7. Charles F. Scanlon
  8. Judge William P. Kannel
  9. Judge Edward J. Mahoney
  10. Judge Sam H. Bell
  11. Sal Germano
  12. Hugh M. Colopy
  13. Robert D. Moss
  14. Joseph F. Cook
  15. Philip G. Barnes
  16. Judge Mary Cacioppo
  17. Bernard I. Rosen
  18. Terrence J. Steel
  19. John F. Seiberling, Jr.
  20. Frances McGovern
  21. David A. Lieberth
  22. Howard Fort
  23. William C. Becker
  24. Judge James R. Williams
  25. Philip S. Kaufmann
  26. Lawrence W. Vuillemin
  27. Judge Harold F. White
  28. Richard T. Cunningham
  29. Judge William R. Baird
  30. Richard A. Chenoweth
  31. Paul E. Weimer
  32. Robert W. Briggs
  33. Judge Deborah Cook
  34. Thomas G. Knoll
  35. Ann Amer Brennan
  36. Orville L. Reed
  37. Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio
  38. J. Dean Carro
  39. Judge Carla Moore


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