Divorce is a complex process that affects just about every aspect of a divorcing client’s life. Let the Divorce Lending Specialist at PNC Bank help you create the most comprehensive solutions to suit your clients’ needs!


The Divorce Lending Team at PNC Bank specializes in helping attorneys provide the correct strategies their clients will need to satisfy the requirements of their final divorce decree. We also provide additional solutions in the following areas:

  • Credit consultations to determine financing eligibility
  • Providing explanation letters to the presiding judge as to the approximate date the recipient of the property will be eligible to refinance
  • Asset liquidation
  • Mortgage prequalification services

Please contact us today to discuss how our services can help you provide additional benefits to your clients.

Business Affiliate Members

Brian McKenzie, AVP/Area Sales Manager​


  1. Please contact Brian McKenzie, AVP/Area Sales Manager, at 330.375.8004
  2. Inform him that you are a member of the Akron Bar​