Akron Bar Foundation’s Fellows are Akron Bar Association members who have distinguished themselves professionally, who have made a significant monetary donation to the Foundation, and who have given generously of their time to serve the communities where they live and work.  Fellows are the financial backbone of the Foundation, and they share our vision with the community.  Each year, distinguished persons are nominated for fellowship, and invitations offering Fellow status within the Foundation are issued.


For more information or to begin the process of becoming a Fellow, please contact the Foundation and Office Operations Director at 330.436.0103.



*= Deceased

Founding Fellows

Attorney Ronald C. Allan*

Attorney Nickolas P Andreeff*

Attorney Gary A. Banas*

Attorney Sam D. Bartlo*

Attorney David L. Brennan

Attorney Robert W. Briggs

Attorney Robert C. Brouse

Attorney Lisle M. Buckingham*

Judge Mary Cacioppo*

Attorney Richard A Chenoweth

Attorney Paul K. Christoff*

Attorney Hugh Colopy*

Judge Deborah Cook

Attorney Joseph F. Cook*

Attorney Richard T. Cunningham

Attorney James E. Davis

Attorney Frank J. Gaffney*

Attorney Bradford M. Gearinger*

Attorney Richard E. Guster

Attorney Michael B. Hendler

Attorney Duane L. Isham

Attorney Jerome J Joondeph*

Attorney Matthew J Koch

Attorney Ronald S. Kopp

Attorney Thomas C. Liber

Attorney Robert W. Malone

Judge Robert H. Maxson*

Attorney C. Blake McDowell, Jr.*

Attorney Chris T. Nolan

Attorney S. Samuel Nukes

Attorney Timothy J. Ochsenhirt*

Attorney Edwin W. Oldham*

Attorney Ralph J. Palmisano

Attorney Edwin L. Parms

Attorney Paul G. Perantinides

Attorney Donald A. Powell*

Attorney Edward C. Pullekins

Attorney Frank E. Quirk

Attorney Orville L. Reed III

Attorney Robert P. Reffner

Attorney George W. Rooney, Sr.*

Bernard L. Rosen*

Judge Joseph D. Roulhac*

Attorney Paul N. Sanderson*

Attorney Timothy F. Scanlon

Attorney A. E. Shama*

Attorney Archie W. Skidmore

Attorney James W. Slater

Attorney A. Russell Smith

Attorney Harry A. Tipping

Attorney Anthony Tuccillo

Judge William H. Victor*

Attorney William T. Walker*

Judge Paul C. Weick*

Attorney Dennis M. Whalen*

Attorney Jerry F. Whitmer

Attorney William  Zavarello



Attorney Joel R. Aberth

Attorney Karen D. Adinolfi

Attorney Sophie E. Albrecht*

Attorney Ann  Amer Brennan

Attorney Richard S. Amundsen

Attorney Dreama  Anderson

Attorney Brian T. Angeloni

Attorney Stanley P. Aronson

Attorney E. Arthur  Axner

Attorney Richard L. Aynes

Attorney Lawrence R. Bach

Attorney Sarah B. Baker

Attorney F. Daniel  Balmert

Attorney Heather M. Barnes

Attorney Dennis J. Bartek

Attorney Thomas E. Bartlebaugh

Attorney Gregory R. Bean

Attorney Eve V. Belfance

Attorney Kathryn A. Belfance

Attorney Bertram  Bell

Attorney Martin H. Belsky

Attorney Mark W. Bernlohr

Attorney Thomas W. Bevan

Attorney Robert M. Bonchack

Judge Jane Bond

Magistrate Edna J. Boyle

Attorney Karen A. Bozzelli

Magistrate Alison M. Breaux

Attorney Robert H. Brown

Attorney Edward V. Buehrle

Attorney James L. Burdon*

Attorney Richard W. Burke

Attorney Jason A. Butterworth

Magistrate Ronald L. Cable Jr.

Attorney Peter T. Cahoon

Judge Lynne S. Callahan

Attorney James M. Campbell

Attorney William L. Caplan

Christopher F. Carino

Attorney J. Dean Carro

Attorney Helen S. Carroll

Attorney Mark C. Cavanaugh

Attorney Timothy H. Champion

Attorney John N. Childs

Attorney William G. Chris

Judge Lisa L. Coates

Attorney Diana M. Colavecchio

Attorney G. Frederick Compton Jr.

Judge Katarina Cook

Attorney Frederick S. Corns*

Attorney Harold A. Corzin

Judge Patricia A. Cosgrove

Attorney Steven  Cox

Judge Christine L. Croce

Attorney Thomas R. Crookes

Attorney Suzanne E Csanyi

Attorney Kathryn Frazzini  Culver

Attorney Cheri B. Cunningham

Attorney Donald W. Davis Jr.

Attorney Rhonda G. Davis

Attorney Thomas E. Davis

Attorney Lisa Dean

Attorney Michael  DeCarlo

Attorney Lisa S. DelGrosso

Attorney Michael J DelMedico

Attorney Hamilton  DeSaussure Jr.

Judge Carol J. Dezso

Attorney Jack T. Diamond

Attorney Clair E. Dickinson

Attorney John M. Dohner

Attorney Sue M Douglas

Attorney William D. Dowling

Attorney Bradley S. S. Dunn

Attorney Susan L. Durr

Attorney Geoffrey L. Eicher

Attorney Roger D. Emerson

Attorney C. Richard  Eshelman

Attorney William D. Evans II

Attorney Bruce Fahey

Attorney Stephen A. Fallis

Attorney David H. Ferguson

Attorney Jeffrey A. Fickes

Attorney John C. Fickes

Attorney Michael J. Finley

Attorney Terrence S. Finn

Attorney David L. Firestine

Judge David E. Fish

Attorney Susan M. Fitch

Attorney Nancy J. Flower

Attorney Robert Roe Fox

Attorney Megan J. Frantz Oldham

Attorney David  Friedman

Attorney Stephen W. Funk

Attorney John Galonski

Attorney Nicholas T. George

Attorney Blake R. Gerney

Attorney Marc P. Gertz

Attorney Joseph W. Gibson

Attorney Edward L. Gilbert

Attorney Sharyl W. Ginther

Attorney Robert M. Gippin

Attorney Daniel K. Glessner Esq.

Attorney Gerald J. Glinsek

Attorney Cathy C. Godshall

Attorney Doug Godshall

Attorney Amy E. Goodson

Attorney Michael S. Gordon

Attorney William B. Gore*

Attorney Melissa A. Graham-Hurd

Attorney Priscilla A. Grant

Attorney Charles E. Grisi

Magistrate Janice M. Gui

Attorney John J. Guy*

Magistrate Paula D. Haas

Attorney Stephen M. Hammersmith

Attorney Deidre A. Hanlon

Attorney David J. Hanna

Attorney Timothy H. Hanna

Attorney Kevin P. Hardman

Attorney Richard H. Harris III

Attorney Katherine C. Hart Smith

Attorney Patrick J. Hart

Attorney Frank H. Harvey Jr.

Attorney David L. Headley

Attorney Jeffrey T. Heintz

Attorney Barbara M. Heinzerling

Attorney J. Thomas  Henretta*

Judge Jennifer L. Hensal

Attorney John F. Herman

Attorney John P. Hickey

Attorney Donald R. Hicks

Attorney Kani Hightower

Attorney David W. Hilkert

Attorney Mark  Hilkert

Attorney John F. Hill

Judge John E. Holcomb*

Attorney Nancy L. Holland

Robert R. Hoose

Attorney Corinne Hoover Six

Judge Kim R. Hoover

Attorney Craig S. Horbus

Attorney Robert C. Hunt

Judge Judy Hunter

Attorney Robert Incorvati

Judge Amy Corrigall Jones

Professor William S. Jordan III

Attorney Karrie M. Kalail

Attorney Philip S. Kaufmann

Attorney Patrick J. Keating

Attorney Kerri L. Keller

Judge Linda B. Kersker*

Attorney Timothy J. Killian

Attorney Thomas G. Knoll

Attorney Jeannette  Knudsen

Attorney Joseph S. Kodish

Attorney Thomas P. Kot

Attorney Roy A. Krall

Attorney James D. Kraus

Attorney Mark E. Krohn Esq.

Attorney James D. Kurek

Attorney Alisa T Labut Wright

Judge Jill Flagg Lanziger

Attorney Terry E. Lardakis

Attorney Jeff R. Laybourne

Attorney Amanda  Leffler

Attorney Daniel J. Leffler

Attorney Karen C. Lefton

Attorney Stephen P. Leiby

Attorney Gerald R. Leipply*

Attorney Aaron G. Lepp

Attorney David J. Lewis

Attorney David A. Lieberth

Judge Sara  Lioi

Attorney Philip A. Lloyd

Attorney Mary Jo  Lockshin

Attorney David G. Lombardi

Attorney Frederick M. Lombardi

Attorney Jason T. Lorenzon

Attorney Marisa A. Lowry

Attorney Mora  Lowry

Attorney Randal A. Lowry

Attorney Sallie Conley  Lux

Attorney Donald J. Malarcik Jr.

Attorney Ted A. Mallo

Attorney Michael A. Malyuk

Attorney Anthony S. Manna

Attorney George T. Manos

Judge Elinore  Marsh Stormer

Attorney Craig S. Marshall

Attorney John F. Martin

Magistrate John A Mascolo

Attorney Steven W. Mastrantonio

Attorney John E. Matejkovic

Attorney Margaret Andreeff Matejkovic

Attorney Deborah S. Matz

Judge Alison  McCarty

Attorney Robert H. McDowall

Judge Todd M. McKenney

Attorney John McKenzie

Attorney Marc B. Merklin

Judge Kathryn  Michael

Attorney George M. Miller

Attorney Lisa  Miller

Mr Kenneth R. Millisor

Attorney Brian J. Moore

Judge Carla D. Moore

Attorney Jack  Morrison Jr.

Attorney Mark A. Mosley

Attorney Noah Munyer

Attorney Steven P. Mutersbaugh Esq.

Attorney John A. Nehrer

Attorney Alberto R. Nestico

Attorney Dianne R. Newman

Judge Judith A. Nicely

Attorney Christopher J. Niekamp

Attorney Steven M. Nobil

Attorney Ann Marie O’Brien

Attorney Kerry M. O’Brien

Judge Tammy  O’Brien

Magistrate Candi S. O’Connor

Judge Joy Malek  Oldfield

Magistrate Jon A. Oldham

Attorney William M. Oldham

Magistrate Kimberly L Oliver

Attorney Patricia A. Pacenta

Attorney Evan J. Palik

Attorney Christopher L. Parker

Judge Thomas M. Parker

Attorney Joseph D. Parsons

Attorney Marietta M. Pavlidis

Attorney Brian M. Pierce

Attorney Marshal M. Pitchford

Attorney Thomas R. Pitts

Attorney Marvin S. Platt

Attorney Jay P. Porter

Attorney Irving A. Portman*

Attorney Larry G. Poulos

Attorney Marvin S. Platt

Attorney William J. Price

Attorney Stephen J. Pruneski

Attorney Salvatore P. Puglisi

Attorney Megan E. Raber

Attorney David F. Raynor

Attorney Edwin M Regal

Attorney Elizabeth A Reilly

Attorney Christopher P. Reuscher

Attorney Wayne M. Rice

Attorney Carmen V. Roberto

Attorney Michael L. Robinson

Attorney Virginia R. Robinson

Attorney Bernard A. Rochford

Magistrate Rita M. Rochford

Attorney Beverly M. Rose

Attorney Paul A. Rose

Attorney Gary M. Rosen

Magistrate Susan Baker Ross

Attorney Gregory T. Rossi

Attorney H. Alan Rothenbuecher

Attorney Robert A. Royer

Attorney Deborah L. Ruby

Attorney Scott H. Ruport

Attorney John M. Saganich

Attorney Joann M. Sahl

Attorney Rodd A. Sanders

Attorney Kevin R. Sanislo

Attorney John T. Scanlon

Attorney Lawrence J. Scanlon

Attorney Maura E. Scanlon

Attorney Patti M. Schachter

Judge Julie A. Schafer

Attorney Stan B. Schneiderman*

Judge Ted  Schneiderman

Attorney Alfred E. Schrader

Attorney Brenda S. Schwartz

Attorney Farhad  Sethna

Judge Marilyn  Shea-Stonum

Attorney Debra S. Shifrin

Attorney James S. Simon

Attorney Jeana M. Singleton

Attorney Mark J. Skakun III

Attorney Melinda Smith Yeargin

Attorney Dean E Smith

Attorney Scott F. Smith

Attorney John W. Solomon*

Judge Mary F. Spicer

Attorney Michael L. Stark*

Attorney Frank E. Steel

Attorney Michael A. Steel

Attorney Terrence J. Steel

Attorney John S. Steinhauer

Attorney Richard Sternberg*

Attorney Diana M. Stevenson

Attorney Scot A. Stevenson

Attorney Sara E. Strattan

Attorney Irving B. Sugerman

Attorney John P. Susany

Attorney Mary M. Swann

Attorney NiCole A Swearingen-Hilker

Attorney Michael A. Sweeney

Attorney Loma L. Swett

Attorney E. Jane Taylor

Judge Thomas A. Teodosio

Attorney Vincent J. Tersigni

Attorney Robert S. Thomas II

Professor Tracy A. Thomas

Attorney Christopher A. Tipping

Attorney Darrin R. Toney

Attorney Ronald N. Towne

Attorney J. Bret  Treier

Attorney Timothy J. Truby

Attorney George P. Tsarnas

Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio

Attorney Robert L. Tucker

Attorney L. Terrence  Ufholz

Judge Brenda Burnham Unruh*

Attorney Patricia A. Vance

Attorney Donald S. Varian Jr.*

Attorney George B Vasko*

Attorney Barbara A. Venesy

Attorney Leila L. Vespoli

Attorney John E. Vuillemin

Patrick J. Wack

Attorney David E. Waddell*

Attorney Amanda L. Waesch

Attorney Wallace W. Walker Jr.

Attorney Lee S. Walko

Attorney Jeffrey A. Walters

Attorney Howard J. Walton

Attorney Barry M. Ward

Attorney Ray Weber

Attorney John C. Weisensell

Attorney Kurt R. Weitendorf

Harold F. White

Judge Beth Whitmore

Attorney Lawrence J. Whitney

Judge Annalisa Stubbs Williams

Judge James R. Williams

Attorney Richard L. Williger

Attorney Gertrude E. Wilms

Attorney Frank J. Witschey

Attorney Jeffrey T. Witschey

Attorney David W. Woodburn

Attorney Rocco P. Yeargin

Attorney Dean A. Young

Attorney Henry C. Young Jr.

Attorney Terry D. Zimmerman

Attorney Charles E. Zumkehr

Attorney Richard V. Zurz Jr.