Disability Law Section

For the purpose of upholding the highest professional standards of competence, the Disability Law Section seeks:

To educate its members;
To expand networking opportunities for disability attorneys;
To cultivate the development of a team atmosphere in the legal community (cohesiveness, intellectual discourse, mentorship of young attorneys, and accountability to the highest ethical standards of practice);
To promote a respectable legal voice within the community; and
To provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas related to disability laws.

Section Leadership


Scott M. Kolligian | 330.253.2227

Vice Chair

Debra S. Shifrin | 330.762.6474

Communication Officer


Meeting Information
The Section convenes on the 4th Tuesday of each month (excluding December, July, and August) from noon to 1 pm.


Akron Bar Staff Liaison:
Membership Director | 330.436.0106