Continuing Legal Education

The Akron Bar Association sponsors over 200 hours of continuing legal education each year. In addition to live and video CLE seminars, we offer admissions training for the Northern District of Ohio Federal Court, and annual New Lawyer Training Program, and an online self study CLE program.


Tuesday, December 11

  • Workplace Harassment


Wednesday, December 12

  • My Client Is About to Receive a Substantial Financial Award, Now What?


  • Please note, the Advanced Insurance Seminar has been RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, January 29, 2019! 


Thursday, December 13


Monday, December 17

  • Don’t Let Dalbert Scare You: Practical Tips & Pointers for Writing a Motion to Exclude an Expert


Tuesday, December 18

  • 2018 Bernard I. Rosen Domestic Relations Institute – Video Replay
    • 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM; 6 hours CLE (5 general hours, 1 hour of attorney conduct) approved
    • Box Lunch provided
    • Topics
      • Case Law Update
      • New Tax Law
      • Professional Conduct Panels
      • Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Hidden Assets Panel
      • Subpoenas: The Basics That Every Attorney Needs to Know
      • View from the Bench
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Wednesday, December 19

  • Advanced Topics in Criminal Appellate Law Practice – Video Replay
    • 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM; 6 hours CLE approved
    • Box Lunch provided 
    • Topics
      • Original Actions
      • View from Behind the Bench: Appellate Court Administrators/Docketing Attorneys Panel
      • View from the Bench
      • Ohio Supreme Court Practice
      • Fixing a Broken Record, Post-Sentencing Motions, and Post-Appeal Motion
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Thursday, December 20

  • Your Roadmap to Successful Retirement – Video Replay
    • 8:30am – 3:30pm; 6 hours CLE (including 2.5 professional conduct hours) approved
    • Box Lunch Provided
    • Topics
      • Are You Prepared for Retirement? Practical Matters to Consider for Attorneys Winding Down
      • Emergency Planning: Deal Now with “What Ifs”
      • Succession Planning
      • What Do You Do With A Career Full of Client Files?? Retention-Return-Destruction
      • Closing or Selling Your Practice
      • Financial Planning in Retirement
      • Insurance Planning: What Kind and How Much Do You Need?
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Friday, December 21

  • Sizzling Hot Topics in Professional Conduct – Video Replay
    • 9am – 12:15PM; 3 Professional Conduct Hours approved
    • Topics
      • Pot Topics: Rules Regarding Representation in Medical Marijuana Matters
      • Walk the Line: Relationships with Clients
      • Motions to Withdraw
      • Nonrefundable Fee Agreements
      • Lawyer Participation in Online Referral Services
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  • 2018 J. Dean Carro Recent Developments in Criminal Law – Video Replay


Thursday, December 27

  • 2018 J. Dean Carro Recent Developments in Criminal Law – Video Replay



Friday, December 28

  • The Essentials of Trust Administration – Video Replay
    • 9:00 AM – Noon; 3 hours CLE approved
      • Topics
        • Checklist for Trust Administration
        • Trustee’s Duties and Beneficiaries’ Rights Regarding Information about the Trust: The Basics & More
        • Modifying Irrevocable Trusts
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  • Implicit Bias: Understanding Hidden Bias & Its Effects in the Workplace – Video Replay


Saturday, December 29

  • Decision-Making for Lawyers: Distraction, Deception and Drunkenness Video Replay (co-sponsored with Ohio State Bar Association)
    • 8:30 – 11:45 AM;  3 hours CLE
    • This training event will outline the particular ways that lawyers are distracted from making good decisions for their clients. Clients retain lawyers for their good judgment and decision-making ability based on the law. A growing body of research indicates that good decisions are not purely rational. Seminar attendees will be trained on how to understand the components of a good decision and the factors that can impair their ability to make excellent decisions for their clients. Attendees will also learn about the common decision-making errors that can affect judgment.
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  • 2018 J. Dean Carro Recent Developments in Criminal Law – Video Replay


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