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From the President – January, 2016

Exploring the Bar’s new website; marketing Lawyer Referral Service

I hope by this time you have had an opportunity to visit our new website. If not, I recommend that you log in to your account or create an account and see the “public face” of your Bar Association on the Internet. In addition, the Examiner is now available in an electronic version. If you are reading this column, I hope that you are taking advantage of the convenience of reading from any of your electronic devices or your desktop computer. (Print copies are still available upon request.)

One thing you might find on the opening page is “Know a good lawyer? We do!” This is just the beginning of one of the areas where we believe the efforts of the Task Forces will be critical in shaping the future of our Bar Association in the coming years.

If you have been following the President’s column, you know that there are three major task forces headed up by Judge Thomas Teodosio, John Hill, and Karen Adinolfi. They have now reported 54 separate recommendations to the Executive Committee which have been prioritized for presentation to the Board of Trustees in January of 2016, and I wanted to personally thank all of the following members:

Bar Operations Task Force:
David Lewis, Karen Bozzelli, Bertram Bell, Maura Scanlon, John Collins, Ann Marie O’Brien, Gina Nennig-Henry, Vince Tersigni, Karen Lefton, Laura Ephlin, Brian Moore, Montrella Jackson, Cathy Godshall, Roger Emerson, Bernie Rochford, and Jason Lorenzon

Bar Trends Task Force: 
Michael Karst, Christopher Teodosio, Jacqi Corgan, Annal Vyas, Katie Basch, Mark Watkins, Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Jeff Laybourne, Kani Hightower

Bar Services Task Force:  
Brian Bremer, Bill Chris, Jackie Silas-Butler, John Martin

On behalf of the Akron Bar Association, I want to extend our gratitude for all of the work done by the members of the task forces whose names are set forth above. Without their collective wisdom, this effort that we began in July of 2010 at the Retreat would not be reaching its practical application today.

As I have previously stated, the Lawyer Referral Service is a major component of what we are reviewing.  Maura Scanlon (Chair), John C. Collins, Ann Marie O’Brien and Gina Nennig-Henry served on a Lawyer Referral subcommittee as part of our overall look at revenue. We want to thank them for their very thoughtful work which included contacting other referral services in the State of Ohio. The Lawyer Referral Service recommendations include creating a standing committee made up of panel members who will look at how best to use various means to get the word out that the Bar Association is the best place for the public to find a lawyer because of its peer review process, the basic confirmation of competency, and insuring that the obligation of professional liability insurance is maintained.

However, I think what is equally as exciting are the efforts made to consider various avenues for further revenue in continuing education, collaborating with other metro bar associations for effective delivery and cost savings, and a bottom-up review of all the services provided by way of outside activities as well as inside section and committee work to make effective use of the precious resource of time that all of our members have devoted to their engagement in the Association.

Special attention is being paid to the interaction between new and more seasoned members of the Bar Association. The New Admittees Reception, which I attended for the second year in a row, was an invigorating experience where I witnessed young lawyers at the early stages of their careers looking toward the Bar Association for help, assistance and, most importantly, our guidance.

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas season, and as we greet 2016 may you all enjoy health, happiness, and success in all of your endeavors.


Larry Scanlon
2015/2016 Akron Bar Association President

Larry Scanlon is Managing Partner of Scanlon & Elliott in Akron.


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