What Flavor of Ice Cream is the Akron Legal Community?

Attention Akron Bar Association Members!

You need an ice cream flavor.

In cooperation with Chill Ice Cream, we’re holding a contest to see who can come up with the best ice cream flavor to represent Akron’s legal community.  Submit your flavor ideas by September 26th!  The new flavor will debut in October at a Happier Hour at Chill!

What we need:

1)  A cool flavor that represents the legal community, attorneys, or the bar association.  It could be a flavor (i.e. coffee, cake, fruits, nuts, etc.) or colors that represent.  If you supply or make ingredients, they would be happy to incorporate those into the ice cream.

2)  A cool name that represents this flavor!  For example, Second Sole named theirs “Runner’s Fuel” and the flavor was loaded with ingredients that runners eat like bananas and chocolate.

Submit Your Ideas:

On Twitter to @AkronBarAssoc
On Facebook
By email to [email protected]
Using the Contact Us form at www.akronbar.org
By calling (330) 436-0117


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