Grant Guidelines & Instructions

The Akron Bar Foundation invites applications from non-profit organizations to fund law-related programs or projects that serve the Summit County community. Community collaborations are strongly encouraged.


All applications are due by 4 pm on March 27, 2017
Late applications will not be considered.

Required Forms

You must submit the following forms with your grant request. If you fail to submit all of the requested forms, your application will not be considered.

1. Grant Application Short Form Please answer all questions individually in each section
2. Revenue/Support and Expense (previous year) Form 
3. Budgeted Revenue/Support and Expense (current year) Form
4. Project Request Budget Form
5. Final Report Form (This form is required of anyone who received a grant in FY 2016. All sections of this form must be completed. Failure to submit a completed Final Report Form will result in a denial of your application.)

Submission Instructions

Submit all application documents in a single email and direct any questions to Alyssa Gieseck, Development Director at the Akron Bar Foundation. Grants are announced in mid-May.

 Alyssa Gieseck
Development Director
[email protected]

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