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Become A Sustaining Member

Help sustain important community programs by becoming a Sustaining Member of the Akron Bar Association today!

Sustaining Members of the Akron Bar Association represent a special group of our members who demonstrate an enhanced commitment to supporting our various community outreach and law-related education initiatives. While many of the direct costs of these programs are funded through the Akron Bar Foundation and other sources, there are many indirect and overhead costs that also accrue.

Programs supported by Sustaining Members include:

Street Law™, our nationally recognized program has been in place since 2000 and has served over twenty schools during that time. The goal of the program is to promote a willingness and capability in students to participate effectively in the legal and political systems.

Street Law Junior™ is a program that was started in 2003. Street Law Junior™ is the first program of its kind in the United States, designed to "plant the seeds of democracy" in fourth and fifth grade students.

District and Regional Mock Trial competitions, which involved nearly 200 students from seventeen high schools this year alone. Over 1,500 students have participated in these Mock Trial competitions in the past ten years.

Wills for Heroes, which provides end of life legal documents – free of charge – to the area’s first responders (police, firefights and EMTs). 111 of these brave men and women have received these services in the last eighteen months.

Diversity Initiatives with students at the University of Akron School of Law, with the objective of increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of our legal community.

Sustaining Members support the Akron Bar Association and the integrity of our profession by giving more than what is asked. This past year, the generosity of these individuals helped the ABA pursue and accomplish programs that strengthen our profession and the justice system. These efforts could not have been possible without their philanthropic spirit and unwavering commitment to the mission and ideals of the Akron Bar Association.

Your additional support will enable us to sustain these important programs in the coming year.  Sustaining Members will be recognized in the Examiner, the Legal Directory, at the Annual Meeting and on the website and will receive a special gift as a thank you.

2014-2015 Sustaining Member