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Unauthorized Practice Of Law Investigation

The Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee meets monthly to review and investigate non-attorneys that may be rendering legal services to another when said persons are not admitted to practice law in Ohio in accordance with the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio.

This committee also investigates notary complaints, such as: individuals performing acts as a Notary Public after the expiration of their term, overcharging, dishonestly,or certifying affidavits without administering an oath or affirmation. 

If you are aware of such unauthorized acts, you may file a complaint with the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee. Send your written complaint to the Akron Bar Association, 57 S. Broadway, Akron, Ohio, 44308, or e-mail to Once the complaint is assigned to one of the committee members and the investigator reaches a decision, he or she will report to the committee and make a recommendation. The Committee will vote on the recommendation and based on that vote letters will be sent to all parties involved informing them of the Committee's decision.  

If you have an Unauthorized Practice of Law complaint filed against you, you may send a written response to:

Akron Bar Association
Attn:  Pat
57 S. Broadway 
Akron, OH  44308

or e-mail to

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