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How To File A Grievance Or Fee Arbitration Request


How To File a Grievance

Please click here for an investigation form. State in your own words what you think the attorney did that was unethical or unprofessional, and indicate how or why you chose this attorney.

Mail to:
Akron Bar Association
57 South Broadway
Akron, Ohio, 44308

How to File A Fee Arbitration Request

The Akron Bar Association is not a court of law, we do not regulate attorney's fees, nor do we have the authority to order attorneys to refund money.  We do have a Fee Arbitration Committee, however, which we provide as a service to the public and to our attorneys.  We can request volunteers to serve on an arbitration panel from our Committee, but our by-laws provide that both parties must agree to binding arbitration.

Please print the Fee Arbitration Request Form, and return the completed form to the Akron Bar Association.  The attorney will then be notified of your request for fee arbitration.


Your written statement will be reviewed to determine if it contains allegations which, if proven, would constitute professional misconduct under the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. Note that the authority of the Akron Bar Association is limited to the investigation of grievances arising under these disciplinary rules. The Bar Association has no authority to change any decision by a court of law, or to interfere with ongoing court proceedings.

Your grievance will be reviewed, in the order it was received, for any violations of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. You will receive a written response to your grievance within two to three weeks. If a possible violation is found, a copy of your grievance will be provided to the attorney who will then be required to respond to the allegations.

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