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Street Law

The Street Law Committee oversees ABA involvement in promoting law-related education in Summit County High Schools through a variety of activities geared towards government and civics classes. Some 15-20 schools are involved in this elective program each year. Participating schools provide the teachers who teach the Street Law class. Committee members also plan the Annual Student Summit each Spring; the Annual Summer Institute for Street Law teachers and volunteers each Summer; and field trips to the Ohio Supreme Court and Ohio Statehouse bi-annually.




Raeed Tayeh
Raeed Tayeh
Committee Chair
(330) 949-6061

Magistrate Rita Rochford
Magistrate Rita Rochford

Committee Vice-Chair
(330) 643-2963

Street Law Coordinator:
Kendra Erlitz
(330) 253-5007

Akron Bar Office Contact:
Caroline Kirkner
(330) 253-5007

Street Law, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing practical, participatory education about law, democracy, and human rights through strategies that promote problem solving, critical thinking, cooperative learning, improved communication and conflict resolution skills, and the ability to participate effectively in society. Since September 2000, the Akron Bar Association Street Law Committee has partnered with area schools, the University of Akron School of Law and various community organizations and government offices to establish Street Law as a high school elective course. The Akron Bar Association obtains grant funds from area foundations to purchase Street Law textbooks for all participating schools. All we ask in return is a commitment from the schools to teach Street Law with a teacher who is on fire to teach law-related education. The course can be taught for one semester or a full year. The Committee also provides a volunteer resource attorney for each participating school, who can provide occasional guest lectures and serve as a liaison between the Committee and the teacher. Law student volunteers can also be matched with schools to provide assistance. The Street Law Committee also coordinates training and educational events throughout the year for students, teachers, and volunteers.


Street Law Summer Institute:
This annual event is a free half-day training institute for Street Law teachers, volunteer attorneys, & law students. It features workshops that focus on law-related education topics at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. It also features a well-known statewide or national speaker.
Trip to the Ohio Supreme Court:
Volunteers organize a bus trip to Columbus for the day for selected Street Law students from the various schools in the program. Students hear oral arguments at the Ohio Supreme Court, tour the court and its visitor center, tour the Statehouse and meet local legislators. This semi-annual event takes place in the Fall.
Annual Street Law Student Summit:
This event takes place at the University of Akron and involves students from all the high schools participating in Street Law. The event features interaction with local judges and a dialogue on current law-related issues of interest to the students. This event occurs annually during Law Week, which is usually during the first week in May.
Justice Day Trip:
Volunteers organize full day of visits to local courts, jails and corrections facilities. Speakers from various Summit County service providers will address the students. This event is held semi-annually in the Fall.

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