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NLT Summer Institute

Price: $200.00
Member Price: $200.00

Summer Institute Programs:
ABC’s of Voir Dire
5/29/14, 3.0 NLT Credits

New Lawyer Training: Core Hours (Video Replay)
6/18/14, 3.0 NLT Credits
(Includes 1.0 Practice Management, 1.0 Client Funds and 1.0 Professionalism)

Common Pleas Court Judges’ Panel
The Honorable Lynn Callahan, Alison McCarty and Tammy O’Brien
7/8/14, 1.0 NLT Credit*

Making and Preserving the Record
Jacquenette Corgan, Esq. and Peggy Wellemeyer
7/15/14, 1.0 NLT Credit

Probate Court Judge’s and Magistrate’s Panel*
The Honorable Elinore Stormer and Chief Magistrate George Wertz
7/22/14, 1.0 NLT Credit

Basic Employment Law
Nancy Grim, Esq. and John Myers, Esq.
7/29/14, 1.0 NLT Credit

Common Pleas Court Judges’ Panel
The Honorable Christine Croce, Amy Corrigall Jones and Mary Margaret Rowlands
8/5/14, 1.0 NLT Credit

Stockbroker Malpractice: Recovering for YourClients’ Losses
Michael Elliott, Esq. and Neil Petkovic, Esq.
8/12/14, 1.0 NLT Credit

Common Pleas Court Judges’ Panel
The Honorable Jane Davis, Paul Gallagher, Thomas Parkerand Thomas Teodosio
8/19/14, 1.0 NLT Credit

Whistleblowers and the Federal False Claims Act
George Emershaw, Esq. and Warner Mendenhall, Esq.
8/26/14, 1.0 NLT Credit 

The Judges’ Panels will provide an opportunity for you to hearanswers to general questions and concerns. Do you have a question about how best to approach a certain issue, or a suggestion for the bench to consider, or maybe you’d like to
hear how they have seen something done well? We will gather your questions and present them to the panel. Please
send your question to timothysmactaggart@gmail com.

All one-hour programs will be held at the ABA at noon.