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R Kashmiry & Associates

A first-hand R. Kashmiry & Associates experience from the Akron Bar Association:
Recently, the Akron Bar Association obtained a no-obligation, no-cost review of our employee benefits (group health, life, dental and disability insurance) with Renata Ochsenhirt of R. Kashmiry & Associates, who specializes in health insurance.  We were very pleased that they were able to help us experience considerable savings, while also improving the benefits package for the employees of the Akron Bar Association.

We believe the scope of their service to you and your employees goes beyond merely shopping benefits with insurance companies.  They have an obligation to your bottom-line in helping control expenses.  We encourage you to contact Renata Ochsenhirt of R. Kashmiry & Associates for your no-cost employee benefits review.


Renata Ochsenhirt 
Account Executive 
Phone: (330) 329-6779
Fax: (330) 758-4101