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New Lawyer Passport

Exclusively for the Akron Bar Association's New Lawyers

This offer is available for Akron Bar Association Members Only

The New Lawyer Passport features ONE YEAR of the Akron Bar Association's Premier New Lawyer Training (NLT) programs for the low price of $200!  To complete your NLT requirements, it would typically cost $290 to $340.  This represents a substantial savings, plus you will receive additional FREE NLT programs!




New Lawyer Training:  Core Hours
3.0 NLT Credits

Estate Planning and Basic Probate
3.0 NLT Credits

Basic DUI
2.0 NLT Credits


Basic Criminal Litigation
3.0 NLT Credits


Basic Domestic Relations
3.0 NLT Credits


New Lawyers and E-Discovery
3.0 NLT Credits


Jury Trial Essentials
5.0 NLT Credits


Nuts and Bolts of Bankruptcy
3.0 NLT Credits


Labor & Employment Basics
3.0 NLT Credits


Bodily Injury Basics 
3.0 NLT Credits


Basic Trial Strategy 
3.0 NLT Credits

More Than Just Great Savings
The New Lawyer Passport not only allows you to fulfill your 12-hour NLT requirements, but it also allows you to take any NLT program at no additional cost.  The New Lawyer Passport applies to NLT seminars offered between July 1st, 2013 and June 30th, 2014. 

The New Lawyer Passport enables you to attend NLT programs tuition-free and receive a free copy of the written materialsALSO enjoy free membership in the
Ab Initio Section and 2 free Ab Initio CLEs of your choice.  (Not NLT Credits)

Click here to purchase your New Lawyer Passport online
, or contact Paula Andrasko for more information at:
(330) 253-5007

New Lawyer Training programs can also be attended by other attorneys who can receive credits towards their reporting requirements.

 - The New Lawyer Passport is available to Akron Bar Association members only, who are reporting in December 2013 or December 2014.
 - The New Lawyer Passport is non-transferrable and can be used only by the individual to whom it is issued.
 - We ask that you pre-register for seminars.  Notify the Akron Bar Association within three (3) business days prior to the seminar date if you find that you cannot attend a program for which you are registered.
 - The New Lawyer Passport price is valid only between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.  The New Lawyer Passport price cannot be pro-rated.
 - New Lawyer Passport holders must attend the program to receive a copy of the written materials.
 - The New Lawyer Passport excludes all online programs.
We reserve the right to withhold any seminar from inclusion in the New Lawyer Passport program.  The New Lawyer Passport cannot be used to participate in courses offered through online CLE.